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Responsive Mobile WebsitesResponsive Mobile WebsitesResponsive Mobile Websites

Responsive Mobile Websites

First of all, what is Responsive Web Design?

A responsive website is a standards based website that is served to mobile devices. By using a variety of industry leading techniques, we can optimize the mobile experience, depending on the type of device. The benefit of making a mobile website as opposed to a native app is that you do not have to submit it to Apple for approval, and updates get pushed out to your clients automatically.

But I already have a Website!

A mobile/responsive website allows us to create a mobile optimized experience. Using responsive web designs means that your clients won’t have to pan, pinch and zoom around a website that was designed to be viewed on a traditional laptop or desktop computer. Another benefit is that you can provide mobile links that interact directly with the users smartphone, such as giving directions, calling your office, and connecting via social media.

One Responsive Website, many target devices.

The web is a fluid medium, ranging in screen sizes from mere inches to big screen TV’s. A responsive website will adapt, based on the target, with one application. The business benefit of this is that you get maximum market penetration with one website.

GPS Enabled, Location Aware, Responsive websites

How great would it be if a potential customer could automatically get directions to your locations? They can. We create GPS enabled responsive websites, which means that your target customers can get directions directly from your website.

Nothing to install — Always up to date.

Yes, the title summarizes it perfectly: the major business benefit of a mobile website is that it is automatically displayed on smartphones and tablets, with nothing to install. No app stores to submit to, or app listings to find. Our WordPress optimized web hosting automatically detects the mobile device, and then sends them the mobile website, instead of the desktop website.

How we make custom responsive websites

We design the mobile user in mind: Who is going to be using the site? What are they going to use it for? Where are they going to be using it?

For example, the Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando mobile website provides quick links to contact them, as well as a GPS enabled directions to provide directions to all of their office locations.

Mobile Website Demo Video

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