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The Only Good Kind of Traffic – SEOThe Only Good Kind of Traffic – SEOThe Only Good Kind of Traffic – SEO

The Only Good Kind of Traffic – SEO

We offer Search Engine Optimization, SEO in short, to boost traffic to your website. Search Engine visibility is a key part of getting more qualified traffic to your website. Read more about our Orlando search engine optimization and orlando web design services below.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization means making the content of your website accessible to search engines, and also presenting your website to humans in an engaging form. SEO targets keyphrases that your website will rank well for, these keyphrases are searches that people use to find you, and your brand online.

Organic vs. Paid (Pay-Per-Click) Traffic

Organic search engine traffic is not paid for, and is based on having relevant content, titles, tags and inbound links to your site. Paid, or Pay-per-click, is as the name implies, traffic that you have to pay for every click. See the image below for an illustration of the difference in search engine results pages (SERP) for paid and organic links.

Paid Search Engine Results vs. Organic Search Engine Results

What is Search Engine Visibility?

This is the number of results that your website has for the keyphrases that you’re targeting. Take our website for example, if you’re searching google for “Orlando WordPress Web Hosting“, our site is #1, which is a high visibility position. We monitor that keyphrase on a monthly basis to make sure that we’re ranking well.

How we optimize your website

We make sure that the machine readable descriptions (meta information) is optimized for humans and machines (aka Google) alike. This means that we optimize the keywords, and also make sure that the description offers users a call to action. This helps your results stand out on the SERP.

Tracking Your Site

We track our progress over time, and manage your site on a monthly basis to make sure that your site ranks well. We also test against a variety of search engines, including:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Ask
  • Dogpile
  • We can target almost any search engine. Just Ask!

Monthly Reporting

We provide monthly reports that show your search engine visibility, and keyphrases that we are optimizing for you. This way, you have a direct metric to track the ROI of our SEO campaign. We also use Google Analytics to track conversions on your site, and provide a real dollar amount for the number of conversions that your site received.

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