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Mix and Mingle – The Power of Social Media

Don’t be shy. Social media is like a great dinner party. So many interesting conversations are happening. Start one. Jump in on another. Meet colleagues. Share information. Become a thought leader. Learn from subject matter experts. Increase your social circles. Then attend more parties. And watch your business grow. It sounds easy but it does take strategy. Together, we can help you achieve the socialite status your company needs. And before long, you’ll be invited to all the big events. In fact, you might just become the big event.

Why hire us to do it for you? We are internet natives. We understand the marketing channels, and their applicability to your target market. For instance, we wouldn’t recommend a twitter campaign to a landscaping company. Why? Because their target market is not on twitter, their target market is on Facebook.

Facebook fan pages. We will engage your audience, build your following, and help strengthen relationships with your customers. Facebook is an ideal medium to talk to less technical users.

Overview of services:

  • Facebook fan page, creation and ongoing updates
  • Email Marketing Campaigns and Custom Analytics
  • Twitter marketing
  • Blogging
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