Real Estate Website for Rose PropertiesReal Estate Website for Rose PropertiesReal Estate Website for Rose PropertiesReal Estate Website for Rose Properties

Real Estate Website for Rose Properties

We were contacted directly by the owner of Rose Properties, Sonja Nicholson, who was in  need of a new real estate website. She is the proud owner  of Rose Properties, Inc, who specialize in helping greater orlando homebuyers find their dream homes. From working with them, we can tell you that they truly have a passion for their work. We seldom come across a more dedicated team of individuals who so earnestly pursue perfection; this was in working on their website, I can only imagine the amount of passion that goes into finding you a home.

What they needed

Rose properties needed an easy to manage website that would allow them to show their featured listings, as well as provide IDX search results to visitors. We explained the difficulty in using a traditional approach to embedding search results in a website. The traditional approach uses what is known in web circles as an IFRAME. The end result is that the website appears fragmented, and non-cohesive. The heading of the main website may look different from the IDX Property Search Results header. We have even seen glaring problems such as inconsistent background colors, borders and fonts.

The Circle Tree Solution

We decided that a more comprehensive solution would be a better fit for the Rose Properties brand. We knew we were going to use WordPress for the content of the site, we researched WordPress IDX Plugins, and found the current offering lacking. We decided to contract Orion IP Ventures to create a custom WordPress plugin for handling the IDX search results.

See the Circle Tree Solution

Featured Properties

Due to the limitations of the IDX search results, we decided to have Roses’ featured properties separate from the results returned from the MLS. This allows us to have complete control over the pictures associated with each property, and also enables a very large light box slideshow to showcase the photo gallery for each property.

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