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We created a content managed website, that would allow Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando (PPGO) to keep the content on the site fresh. We discussed their needs, and chose WordPress due to its flexible theme framework and ease of authorship, allowing them to make updates to the site directly. Using WordPress enables PPGO to edit the content on their website directly, and not have to hire an outside expert or web service provided. They have asked us to maintain the content on their website for them, which we are able to do efficiently because of WordPress. WordPress lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) for PPGO, saving money while not sacrificing by having an outdated website.

Having two physical locations, PPGO also needed a mobile website that would help customers find them, bringing them more business, and also helping them reach the “Mobile Generation”. We used the Google Maps API on both the mobile and desktop website. On the desktop website, the Locations tab adds one—stop directions to both of PPGO’s locations, accessible on every single page. The mobile site’s maps are location aware, meaning that customers can get driving directions to PPGO’s two locations based on their current location. The site also features a live site search which shows results with image previews to help people find what they are searching for quickly and accurately. The search is also keyboard accessible to comply with the accessibility requirements of WCAG and Section 508.

Finally, because information without action is of little use to a non-profit, the site features a secure donations page. PPGO is set up to directly receive donations, which is new for a Planned Parenthood Chapter, most chapter’s donations go back to national. This allows PPGO to keep more money in our local communities. The donations page is a 1-step checkout process, featuring the latest AJAX technologies and a fun “Donation Slide Bar“, to improve the conversion rate, and increase the amount donated.

In the words of our client:

Bob Gregor, founder of Circle Tree, LLC was introduced to me by a board member. Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando (PPGO) was looking to upgrade a really tired and pedantic website, one that was developed in house years ago with little creativity. Since the majority of our clients are between the ages of 16-30, the priority was to have a timely, user driven, creative and dynamic site.

What struck me first was Bob’s total command of his software; and second, his ability to visualize and then implement new technology. Within a couple of months, our new website was designed, a new easy-to-use page added for donations, and a mobile website launched—which now drives around 20% of our business.

Bob is awesome, wildly intelligent and a gift to Orlando. Anyone looking to maximize their business and confused about which way to turn, definitely needs to call Bob.

— Sue Idtensohn – CEO Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando, Inc.

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