E-Commerce Website for FireTainmentE-Commerce Website for FireTainmentE-Commerce Website for FireTainmentE-Commerce Website for FireTainment

E-Commerce Website for FireTainment

We personally experienced the FireTainment concept. It’s beautiful. Fire, glass and a granite table. We wanted to create a website that captures the FireTainment experience. We used a large homepage image slider, and a video to show the complete experience.

Fire Table Customizer

FireTainment offers a very high end product, and has a variety of customizations that can be added to their hand crafted Fire Tables. We created an easy to use interface that shows previews of the options offered inside of a tooltip. There is also an extended “All Options” view that displays the customizer as a full page. We used jQuery and jQuery Tool-tips to create the effect. The end result is an easy to use online shopping experience.

Fire Table Customizer e-commerce website design

Interactive Firetable Customizer

 Streamlined order experience

We made sure the order form was easy to use and streamlined. This helps users checkout with ease, and helps to increase the conversion rate of the store.

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