WordPress Powers 15% of the InternetWordPress Powers 15% of the InternetWordPress Powers 15% of the InternetWordPress Powers 15% of the Internet

WordPress Powers 15% of the Internet

WordPress started out as a blogging platform, and has evolved into a highly flexible content management system (CMS). WordPress is a very versatile content management system, it can still be used for a blog, and it can serve all sorts of content, including video, photos and social networks. This flexibility has driven WordPress to powering over 15% of the public internet.

WordPress as a CMS

One of the most familiar deployments of WordPress that we use for our clients is using it as a CMS. WordPress has two default taxonomies to define content: posts and pages. Pages are for more static content, such as a contact page, directions, or mission statement. Posts are time sensitive, organized by the time they were posted to the website. Blogs, press releases, and product launches are all good candidates for WordPress posts.

WordPress as a CMS has, in my opinion, been the driver of WordPress staggering growth. See the chart from W3Techs.com:

WordPress marketshare vs. Drupal vs. Joomla! vs. vBulletin

The following chart shows the adoption rate of WordPress, of note is the fact that WordPress appears to be growing from non-cms sites, and the other CMSes growth appears flat. This means that non content managed sites are being switched over to WordPress as a CMS, and that the other CMSes are being used for less frequent use cases, or projects that have more specific requirements that are not met by WordPress. It will be interesting to see if one CMS starts to take marketshare away from the others in the coming years.

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