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Watermark Article

One of our own was featured in WaterMark Media’s “Minute with Column”. The web evangelist for Circle Tree LLC makes the internet easy to use for those of us who may not be as technically savvy by creating intuitively designed, cutting

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4 Exciting CSS 3 techniques

CSS3 Techniques CSS3 Techniques

The latest specification for CSS is CSS level 3, some of our favorite modules of which are border radius, gradients, transitions and fonts. For the sake of design of the web today, we recommend designing for the web of tomorrow,

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QR Code Resources

QR stands for “Quick Response” and allows you to engage your existing and potential clients quickly. QR Codes can be made that link to a website, a physical location or give a business card of all your contact info. If

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Mobile Website Design that is QR Code Ready

We can help your business grow by making a custom, mobile optimized page, that a QR Code brings visitors to. A QR Optimized landing page will be mobile optimized, allowing visitors to quickly view a snapshot of your portfolio, or

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Looking back on the web of 2010

The new year has passed, and as the sounds of fireworks fade and the cacophony clears, I thought it was time to look back at some of things that need to die from 2010. This is a retrospective to our

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