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eNom PRO Installation Guide

The ZIP file that you downloaded from our client area is structured the same way as your WHMCS installation.
There are two main folders that need to be uploaded:
  • modules/addons/enom_pro — This is the main addon folder, and is used in the WHMCS administrator area.
  • templates/default/ — This folder contains drop-in template replacements for the default WHMCS template.
  • enom_srv.php — This is the controller for the SRV record editor. It should be at the "web root" of your WHMCS install.
Once the module folder has been uploaded on your server, you'll need to activate eNom PRO. 

To activate eNom PRO after upload

  1. Visit your WHMCS Admin
  2. Go to Setup > Addon Modules
  3. Click  "Activate" in the eNom PRO Row
  4. Configure the settings for eNom PRO
    1. License key is required
    2. Please make sure to enable the addon for your chosen Administrator Roles
    3. All other settings are OK at their default values.

Namespinner Cart Setup

The namespinner can be enabled on a per-orderform template. The {$namespinner} smarty tag can be added to the following cart templates:
  • adddomain.tpl
  • configureproductdomain.tpl

The only requirements of the {$namespinner} tag are that they be placed inside of the default <form> tag created by WHMCS. 

Editing templates for a custom WHMCS template

  1. The only modification to domainchecker.tpl is to add the {$namespinner} tag
  2. The clientareadomains.tpl has the most modification, all you need to to is copy everything inside of the
    {if $enom_transfers}
        ...about 60 lines of code....
    and paste it in the location you'll want the pending transfer status(es) to appear in your client area domain page for your clients.
  3. clientareadomaindetails.tpl
    add a link for the SRV record editor:
    {if $enom_srv }
        <li><a href="enom_srv.php?id={$domainid}" id="enom_srv">SRV Records</a></li>
    This link needs to be added to the template in the location of the "inter-domain" whmcs menu. (IE - the tabs for Domain Auto-renew, Nameservers,

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