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Changing Upload Directory Permissions

The CSV Upload directory needs to have it's permissions changed so that it is writeable by the webserver process that Joomla is running under.

Changing directory permissions using FTP

  1. Log in to your webserver via FTP
  2. Navidate to your Joomla! root folder, and then /administrator/components/com_jimport/
  3. Right Click on the "uploads" directory, and change the permissions first to 755, then 775, and finally 777 until the error message in the component goes away.

Changing directory permissions via SSH / Terminal

  1. SSH to your server, and navigate to the joomla folder
  2. cd /administrator/components/com_jimport
  3. chmod 755 uploads/
  4. Check if the error has been resolved.
  5. If not, use a more open permission. Try 775, and then 777.

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