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eNom PRO Changelog

This is a release history for our eNom PRO product.

Version 3.0.06 (07/18/2017)

We know you’re just as excited about the premiere of GoT Season 7 as we are, but even more exciting than that are the long-awaited updates to our eNom Pro add-on!

Compatible with WHMCS 7.2.2 using PHP 7.0

  • Fixes widget layout issue in Dashboard on admin home page.
  • Fixes SSL reminder issue in WHMCS 7.0.
  • Fixes unable to open template directory bug.
  • Updated domain tracker template to use AJAX.
  • General bug smashing and fixing.

As always, thank you for your continued support as we improve our add-on module.
We’re working hard on establishing a robust release cycle for this project in order to provide quality updates on a regular basis.

Version 3.0.04: 3.0.05 (03/05/2016)

  • Added HTML5 Sandbox to IFRAME
  • Updated HTML5 sandbox for tighter integration with WHMCS

Version 3.0.03: (01/29/2016)

  • Added alert message when there are no checkboxes selected to import TLD pricing
  • Bug fix for importing TLD pricing for a limited number of years (only import a max of 3-year pricing) was setting the WHMCS pricing to 0 instead of disabled

Version 3.0.02: (01/05/2016)

  • Updated TLD sorting to use POST instead of GET for server side request to resolve length issue

Version 3.0.01 (10/28/2015)

  • Public release of newly merged WHMCS templates five & six
  • Fixed empty Enom API response on pending transfer client area page
  • Fixed beta opt-in not giving an upgrade prompt after newly opting in to receive the beta releases

Version 3.0.00 (9/1/2015)

  • WHMCS 6.0 support
  • AJAX Based Help
  • Bulk sort TLDs
  • WHOIS Server Test Page
  • 3rd party WHMCS themes for testing / QA, including support for SwiftModders
  • added delete TLD from WHMCS
  • added whois server status filters
  • added GZip compression for widget AJAX responses
  • added SSL reminder tests based on statuses
  • added counts to the page navigation
  • improved handling of errors for the domain import page
  • fixed update notification bug in the credit balance widget
  • fixed Auto-Upgrade folder bugs
  • fixed domain pagination
  • updated Ioncube encoder to php53
  • fixed WHMCS admin roles widget chooser title display
  • fixes for WHMCS v4 admin sidebar
  • repaired pending verification widget admin home screen view
  • interface and CSS improvements
  • bootstrap tooltips
  • improved documentation and screenshots
  • improved IP address exception handling help message

Version 2.1.31 (5/09/2015)

  • Fixed WHMCS 5.3.6 CSRF Check for NameSpinner
  • Added SSL Reminder Email Tickets
  • Added Hide Expiring SSL Widget Option
  • Added SSL Reminder Cron Lock for WHMCS Users who have a CRON running more than once a day, for batching large databases. 

Version 2.1.30 (2/10/2014)

  • Fixed pricing import bug for pricing with comma character ( , )

Version 2.1.29 (1/22/2014)

  • JavaScript expression Error
  • Added USD note to pricing import 

Version 2.1.27 - 2.1.28  (1/8/2014)

  • Added Auto-Save on Pricing Import page.
  • Added Free Domain Import option.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 2.1.1 - 2.1.26 (8/19/2013)

  • Added Retail vs. Wholesale Pricing Options
  • Limit the # of years of domain pricing you want to import (For example - import all TLDs with pricing for 5 years, instead of 10)
  • Fixed WHMCS API throwing an exception without admin ID #1.
  • Added Domain Import AJAX Error Handler
  • Added a PHP >5.2.6 message that disables the auto-upgrader. Recommended PHP 5.2.7+ (PHP 5.3, or 5.4 is even better)
  • Namespaced AJAX Requests to avoid conflicts with other modules
  • Auto Upgrader bug fixed & better environment handling
  • Fixed a bug with the WHMCS Widgets API - if the role wasn't enabled - the widget would get an AJAX request of the admin homepage.
  • More Unit Tests & Code Coverage exceeding 70%.

Version 2.1 (6/24/2013)

  • Added SRV Record Editor
  • Auto-Activate Imported Domain Orders & Set to Enom Registrar
  • Added Bulk Pricing Importer & Editor
  • Added 1-Click Upgrades
  • Added SSL Reminder Emails to CRON
  • WHMCS Module Logging for API Debugging
  • eNom Addon Page Widget Display
  • Streamlined Domain Import Orders
    • Added Automatic Link to next domain to import
    • Added WHOIS lookup (Create new accounts in WHMCS coming soon)
    • Automatically Selects WHMCS account based on domain WHOIS Email
    • Selects DNS Management & ID Protect Based on eNom
  • Tooltips
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.0.1 (4/16/2013)

  • Fixed admin CSS from loading on all admin pages
  • Refresh buttons are hidden from manage admin roles widget section
  • Fixed Default App Title

Version 2.0 (3/8/2013)

  • Adds Enom to WHMCS domain import feature
  • NameSpinner Columns (Out of the box - you can select 1,2,3 or 4 columns of Suggested Names - no CSS required)
  • WHMCS 5.2 Compatibility
  • Customize the Namespinner Add to cart CSS class
  • Major Refactoring of Widgets.
  • 400% performance improvement on admin home page (4 API calls vs. 16) 
  • Adds a flashing "eNom Credit Balance" notification to the admin area
  • Fixed # of results bug
  • Fixed transfer widget "No transfers" state
  • Made the getting started page more helpful
  • Added quick links to the Settings page
  • Better Sidebar links inside the module (adds settings link directly to WHMCS's addon settings for eNom PRO)

Version 1.2 (11/9/2012)

  • Added bootstrap colors to Domains overview.
  • Added multi-columns for NameSpinner with responsive CSS

Version 1.1 (9/21/2012)

  • Refactored AJAX Architecture to improve # of admin homepage AJAX calls when widgets are hidden

Version 1.0 (6/13/2012)

  • Added Domain Status Widget
  • Added Expiring SSL Certificates Widget

Version 0.9 (4/18/2012)

  • Added overflow:scroll to the domain transfers to enable long names to be hidden to not break the interface

Version 0.8 (3/22/2012)

  • Added API description override for status ID 14 to match transfer order description

Version 0.5 (2/6/2012)

  • Setup Defaults bug fix
  • Added more helpful Enom API error description
  • Added auto-update check

Version 0.1 (1/30/2012)

  • Initial release

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