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File Header Chooser & Import Metadata

This step is used to setup the various meta data associated with the import process. You will be able to choose the import type, and specify the file headers. For more information on preparing the csv file, see preparing csv file for upload. Once the CSV file has been prepared, you're ready for this step. 

Important Notes

  1. The Data effective date is used to compare the uploaded data with the database.
    This should be the date that the uploaded data is known to be last updated.
    For example if this is registration data from July, that should be the data effective date.
  2. Select the headers that you want to import by mapping the csv header name to the corresponding database field.
  3. Special Fields that can be Chosen from the CSV Mapping Dropdowns
    • Name - make sure this is set correctly to the jom_social fields in J-Import Settings
      • Firstname - Used for jomsocial & joomla name, also used to autogenerate a username if not specified in the uploaded file
      • Lastname - Same as firstname
      • Firstname + Lastname - is used to check for duplicate usenames if none specified in upload
      • If no username, the firstname + lastname will be concatenated to create a username
    • Email - Used to create joomla! user account and check for duplicates
    • Password (optional) - specify a password for NEW users. If not specified, one will be autogenerated and sent in the welcome email
    • Username (optional) - specify a username, if not specified, username will be autogenerated from concatenating FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME
  4. Welcome Email - Edit the welcome email before processing
  5. Click Process & Confirm all import columns, make a backup & verify your name verifying that you have created a backup
  6. The import will begin processing after you confirm the settings.
  7. Once the import process has completed, see handling errors.

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